This month is the perfect time to learn about Prezi, the online, cloud-based presentation tool that utilizes a Zooming User Interface (ZUI). Prezi allows users to zoom in and out of their presentations and is an engaging alternative to PowerPoint. Not only does Prezi help create a more dynamic, captivating presentation, it’s also free to use too.

Beyond the appealing price tag, Prezi has a lot of key features that can directly benefit your classroom. As a virtual canvas, Prezi presentations are created with infinite virtual space to add and manipulate content within a 3D-like interface. This movement of the canvas is eye-catching and makes for a more engaging, dynamic storytelling tool that allows you to present your content along any linear or non-linear path you define. Imagine moving from image to image or emphasizing key points by sliding, zooming, and rotating the content. Yeah, it’s a lot cooler than PowerPoint. It’s also great for collaboration and group presentations since multiple editors can contribute synchronously or asynchronously to the presentation.

Not only is Prezi better for you and your presentations, it’s also better for your audience. Since your audience can focus on one section of content at a time without losing sight of the big picture it helps the audience see how the parts of the presentation relate to the whole and improves their understanding. In the same way, spatial presentations can help some people remember content which helps boost their retention. Even if your audience can’t remember every detail, you can choose to let them access the presentation on their own for later review.

Beyond presentations there are thousands of other creative uses for Prezi for those out-of-the-box thinkers. For examples, Prezi has successfully been used for timelines, interactive maps, digital resumes/portfolios, interactive infographics, lessons or course overviews, business presentations/project plans, and even mind mapping/idea boards. You have a nearly unlimited ability to customize a presentation to reflect your creativity to convey your content in new ways; it’s also fun to use! Unleashes your creative potential.

If you’re convinced that Prezi is an interesting presentation tool, now is the perfect time to get started using it yourself because ITS Training Services is providing two March sessions on using this presentation tool. To learn more about each class and to register, simply click on the links below.

Faculty Chat: Using Prezi to Enhance Your Teaching (via Meeting@PennState powered by Adobe Connect)
Date and Time: March 23, 8:15 – 9:30 AM
Description: Learn about the whys of Prezi and best practices for educational use.

Prezi: Overview (via Meeting@PennState powered by Adobe Connect)
Date and Time: March 31, 12:45 – 2:00 PM
Description: Learn about HOWS of Prezi so you can get started and build your own!

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