As you might have seen in recent announcements, on Tuesday, May 2, Box folder invitation links (also known as “Collab” links) will be retired and no longer available under folder settings. The feature is being disabled due to a security vulnerability, and removing it ensures Penn State students, faculty, and staff members can continue to use the unlimited cloud storage space available through Box at Penn State in the most secure way possible.

If you currently have folders shared via an invitation link, you should re-share them with collaborators via shared links by May 2. For more information on the difference between folder invitations and shared links, visit the Box support site.

To help you through the process and ensure you can continue to seamlessly collaborate using Box, Training Services has prepared handy step-by-step guides on changing folder settings, enabling others to join a folder from a shared link, and adding multiple collaborators to a folder.

To learn more about using shared links, check out the “Allowing Collaborators to Join a Folder from a Shared Link” article. For more information on sharing a folder with multiple people in Box, read the “Adding Multiple Collaborators to a Folder at Once” article. Keep in mind, both of these links will require you log in with WebAccess.

If you have further questions or comments about this change or Box, please contact Box support at or leave a comment in the Box(at)PSU Yammer group.

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